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Read the stories of some team members, and hear about the spirit that defines the Metcalf brand.

Role: Managing Director

Time with company: Founded Metcalfs in 1989


‘I am incredibly proud to work with such a great team. It is important to me that we always produce the best possible job for our clients.’

Ian Metcalf

Role: Contract Supervisor

Time with company: Joined in 1999


‘I began with Metcalfs eighteen years ago. I only came for two weeks, but stayed for the rest of my life! I love the camaraderie between all colleagues. I like to do, rather than tell – the values at Metcalf are of a dying breed.’

Billy Cox

Role: Contract Supervisor

Time with company: Joined in 2012


‘Since leaving university I have worked for Metcalfs on various projects involving not only decorating but many multi-trades. My job is to co-ordinate the workforce to ensure schedules are met and liaise with clients. My priority is to make sure a high quality product is handed back to a very happy client.’

Role: Contract Supervisor

Time with company: Joined in 2004


‘I started with Metcalfs as an apprentice and have been on a number of training courses. Through hard work and with the company’s support I am now a Contract Supervisor. I have been offered opportunities elsewhere but have chosen to stay with Metcalfs where I feel valued and part of a team.’

Role: Group Health and Safety

Time with company: Joined in 2003


‘We at Metcalf’s believe that the best Health & Safety starts long before we get on site; we assess the best way to carry out the work during our estimating stage and then safe working just falls into place thereafter.  Our very low incident rates reflect our attitude towards safety and it’s a pleasure to carryout site inspections to find very little amiss.’

Oliver Stenson

Tom Chilton

Martin George

Role: Decorator

Time with company: Joined in 2016


‘I love developing other skills in my job. It’s not a case of being shown – it’s more dive in and work together – the training is great and the morale is sky high.’

Ashley Buchanan

Margaret, Lyndsay and Laura

Office Team

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